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Flat Bottom Flexible Box Bags


Flat_Bottom_Flexible_Box_Bag-1.jpgThe Smart Alternative to Bulky Boxes

Flat bottom flexible box bags are the innovative alternative to a folding carton or corrugated box. Unlike a bulky box with an ineffective inner liner, flexible box bags have a small footprint and keep products fresh longer. No more squeezing big boxes into the cupboard and rolling up liner bags once the product has been opened – flexible box bags make it convenient for you and your customer to store, transport, access, and consume your quality product.

Our customers use flat bottom flexible box bags to package anything that would traditionally go in a box with an inner bag, such as cereal, granola, crackers, and snacks. The flat bottom mimics a box, allowing the pouch to stand effectively, while side gussets provide more space for labels and branding than traditional stand up pouches.

In addition, flexible box bags are made with heavy duty barrier film that protects the bags’ contents from moisture, odor, puncture, and other hazards and contaminants. That means your product stays fresher, longer, even once the packaging has been opened (unlike those worthless liners!)

Best of all, our flat bottom flexible box bags use up to 15% less film than typical stand up bags, but hold more volume. Each bag has five printable surfaces perfect for brand building, can be printed in up to 12 colors, and is available in clear, metalized, and foil structures. Functional zipper tops complete our flexible box bags, guaranteeing that your customers can easily reach their fresh, favorite products again and again.

Like all packaging from StandUpPouches.net, our flat bottom flexible box bags adhere to our high quality standards:

  •     FDA-approved, food grade material
  •     Water-based inks
  •     ISO and QS quality rating
  •     Excellent print quality, regardless of order size
  •     Recyclable and landfill friendly

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