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Pouches for Cat Food Packaging

Cat nip Pouch

Consumers LOVE their pets and are willing to experiment with cat food and cat treats, especially when Fluffy is a little finicky and wants to try something new.

What better way to get a pet parent's attention than through cat food packaging that POPS? We can't think of any, which is why we recommend considering stand up pouches.

Packaging cat food and cat related products with stand up pouches is a wise decision. The strength of the barrier films making up the pouch along with the films' barrier properties protect the bag's contents from moisture, vapor, puncture, and odor. Not only that, but the pouch has a wide face and back, perfect for an applied label or, better yet, custom printing. Stand up pouches can be custom printed in up to 10 colors, and available features include heavy duty zippers, tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, and even gas release valves.

Some examples of cat food and cat related products packaged successfully using stand up bags include:

  • Cat litter
  • Moist cat food
  • Dry cat food
  • Bulk cat food
  • Cat nip
  • Cat chews
  • Vitamins for cats

Ordering Made Simple

Our Stand Up Pouch Fast Track System was designed to simplify the entire process. Whether you areCat Food Pouch looking for a stock stand pouch in one of our many colors and available sizes, an unprinted stand bag with a particular size unique to your product, or even a stand up pouch that is custom printed, this system will provide answers and pricing faster than any other company. In regards to custom printing, once artwork is approved, you can expect your custom pouches in 6-12 weeks. Best of all, we have the unique ability to custom print as few as 5,000 stand up pouches, one of the lowest minimum runs in the world. 

Your cat food and cat related products will stand out from your competition by providing retailers new opportunities that visually look amazing while providing superior protection and positively adding to your bottom line. The bag-in-a-box type of packaging is rapidly declining. At StandUpPouches.net, we help our clients vault their cat food and cat related products and their retail presence to the next level using one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging industry, the stand up pouch.

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