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Your Retail Packaging Is The Voice of Your Brand

It's so true: Packaging is the voice of your brand, the signature you leave everywhere and the tangible billboard that advertises your company and product over and  over again, from the retail shelves, to the consumer's home, on their commute, in their office, to evening functions and so on.

Yet, it's so often thought of at the last minute, often sourced and thrown together by people who have no clue or inkling of its power on a store shelf. If you were honest and really looked at your packaging, what would it be telling someone as they walked down an aisle at Costco or Target?

Would it say:

►        You care about the customer?

Or would it say, "whatever... hope you buy me."

►        You are concerned about the customer and have provided easy-to-open, reclose and even carry features on your packaging for them?

Or that their convenience doesn't matter to you?

►        You care about our environment and are making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint your packaging is having in our world (in landfills, fuel usage, etc.)?

Studies have shown that we have about three seconds to grab a consumer's attention, and unless you plan to be in all places at all times, your packaging will have to speak for you. Consider a hard and honest look at what your packaging is conveying to the consumer.

This post is part of a much broader Pillar page and eBook.

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