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Why Having Artwork for Stand Up Pouches Makes a Difference

This post originally appeared in February 2014 on StandUpPouches.net's Help Center blog. It has been edited for clarity.

film proofs for stand up pouchesTwo of the major advantages of using stand up pouches to package your product is the cost and the marketing value. With stand up pouches you have the advantage of using the entire pouch, both front and back, to tell your brand’s story. Engage the consumer. Make them want to buy your product over your competitors. With that being said, artwork comes as a challenge to many people, especially when it's associated with marketing a new product. If you don't have experience with graphic design or creating artwork for any type of packaging, how can anyone expect you to easily and quickly craft top notch art? We understand the need for quality graphics and this is why we not only make use of rotogravure printing, but why we can also modify or create artwork for our clients.

The experts in our graphics department are highly experienced in creating and modifying art that goes on stand up pouch bags seen on the shelves of the big players in retail. From the big players like Garmon Corporation and Roland Foods, to the up and coming stars like neat Foods and Barnana, our graphics department has played a monumental part in each company’s success. Although we are also happy to accept beautiful finished art, it doesn't have to be complete by any means. In fact, all we need in terms of art is just enough to know how many cylinders will be needed to make the custom printed stand up packaging. This makes it possible to know about the cost for the creative food packaging more quickly and thus augments the efficiency of the process.

Sending us that incomplete or finished artwork is also as quick and easy as sending it via various file sharing services. These services include:

  • Our FTP file sharing site
  • PDF or layered AI file
  • Email
  • Dropbox

Remember, send us your artwork, finished or unfinished, as soon as you can. This will allow our project managers to give you a proper cylinder count and a complete quote. The sooner you send us your artwork, the sooner you can reap the benefits of stand up pouch packaging.

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