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What’s the Shelf Life of a Product Packaged in a Stand Up Pouch?

Posted by David Marinac

At StandupPouches.net, many manufacturers ask us this question: What’s the shelf life of the products we package? There is no simple answer to this question, because it depends on your product. A shampoo will obviously last longer than fruit puree. Every product is different.

The shelf life of your product depends on many factors including the additives (like coloring and fragrance) that you use. Another consideration is the moisture in your product. If you are selling a completely dry product, it will last longer than a product that contains some water content.

As a rule of thumb, the higher is the nutrition of the product, the quicker it will degrade.

Are standup bags safe? Stand up pouches are not your regular plastic bags. They are made from multiple food grade films laminated together. Some layers are used for strength, and others for puncture resistance. These layers are used keeping your particular product in mind.

We can protect your product by adding barrier layers to the foil pouch but what happens when the pouch is opened? Well once the packet is opened, the oxygen enters it and its timer starts ticking. From then on, the product rots quickly. Of course you can slow down this time by adding zippers and seals, but once the product has contacted oxygen, its days are numbered.