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What Is the Purpose of Packaging?

Creative Food PackagingIt would be really convenient if we could just hand our products directly to the customers, but that’s not possible. Packaging needs to be done for several reasons. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

1. Safety: Packaging is used to keep your product safe from external factors. It also prevents human tampering. If you want to sell fruit juice, you just can’t hand it over to customers. It should be packaged in something, like a stand up pouch.

2. Brand visibility: You provide the best product in your category and you want your customers to remember that. How else will you do that without using the right kind of creative food packaging?

3. Bundling it together: If you want to sell an ounce of something, you need to create a packet so that the right amount is bundled together.

4. Theft prevention: If you sell your product loose, there are chances that the retailer doesn’t give the right amount to the customer and saves some part for himself. There are other cases too where theft can be done in the absence of packaging.

Apart from these four, there are many other reasons why you should package your products. And if you want the best kind of packaging, try using stand up bags.


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