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Flat Barrier Bags

It is certainly true that a flat barrier bag is not a stand up pouch. However, many clients aren't familiar with the particular industry lingo, so we decided to include a little about flat bags here.

flat bagsFlat bags are sealed on three sides and are excellent when packaging items that are going to lay flat or quite possibly hang in a display. They are made with the same types of laminated barrier films and can be printed just like a stand up pouch.

Need a Tamper Evident Bag?

Did you know that you can receive your flat barrier bags with the top completely sealed...meaning you can have the top of the bag with a ziplock and hang hole and completely closed and sealed at the top? Here you would load your product from the bottom then seal the bottom. These are called Tamper Evident Flat Bags.

Otherwise, and this is perfectly fine, you can receive the pouches with the bottoms sealed and you would need to open the pouch from the top, fill from the top and seal from the top.

One of the most popular requests we get for flat bags has to do with packaging beef jerky.

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