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Method Do You Use with Stand Up Pouches for Soup Packaging?

by David Marinac | April 26, 2017 | 0 Comments | Food Service Packaging

When most people think of Campbell’s soup, they think of the classic red-and-white label on a can, iconized by pop artist Andy Warhol, and seen in the pantries of many homes across the nation.

Although extremely identifiable and iconic, Campbell Soup Co. hasn’t been afraid to take chances, make changes, and completely overhaul its soup packaging to appeal to a younger, more hip generation. It’s certainly a risky move to introduce a new product into a type of soup packaging that looks completely different from what consumers are used to, but that’s exactly what brands like Campbell’s have done, and it’s allowed them to enter new markets and reach the largest living (i.e.  most influential) generation.

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Food Marketing| Minimize Delays When Shipping From Overseas

by David Marinac | January 27, 2015 | 0 Comments | Food Service Packaging

We are fortunate to work with some incredible companies in the food marketing business.  Many import products from various global suppliers…products such as spices, grains, rice, and various baking mixes, etc.  Often we supply the flexible retail packaging right to their co-packers wherever they may be and they make and fill the products and then ship to the US.  That’s all well and good but this has been a crazy year for importing products, regardless of the country you are dealing with.  Between the strike or threat of a strike with longshoremen on the West Coast (or whatever it was) the twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have been a bottleneck for months, forcing companies to route their shipments further north to Tacoma, Washington.  As you can imagine, in a short period of time Tacoma got congested and that union started clamoring for more pay for their workers…and now all 3 ports continue to have delays and issues.

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