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What You Should Know About Beef Jerky Packaging

beef jerky packagingLike most food and beverage packaging, the most important part of beef jerky packaging is to make sure that the jerky remains fresh for as long as possible.

There is a lot of confusion regarding beef jerky packaging. Often, many people mistake beef jerky bags for stand up pouches, i.e., stand up bags perched on a store shelf. This is not entirely correct. The beef jerky is still packaged in flat barrier bags. A barrier bag is one of the best ways to package beef to be kept on a store shelf.

Beef jerky is a perishable product, and it is very important to keep it vacuum packed. Though it is easy to create vacuum by removing air, this generally crumples the bag, giving it a very messy appearance. Therefore, big players like Jack Link’s do not remove air. They use oxygen absorbers (not desiccators) in their barrier bags. This retains the freshness of beef jerky without compromising on the shape of packaging. The size of the oxygen absorber will vary depending on the size of the packaging. These oxygen absorbers are really easy to get, and they reduce the rate of oxidization of meat, keeping it fresh for a long time.


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