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The 4 Best Reasons to Use Flexible Retail Packaging

With so many styles of retail packaging available, from bottles and cans to jars and canisters…we thought it would be helpful to list the 4 main reasons companies choose flexible retail packaging.  The beauty is it doesn’t matter whether your company is a startup or an established market leader, these 4 reasons are legit and consistently factor into why the flexible packaging industry continues to grow world-wide.

  • Unitization
  • Barrier
  • Shock-Vibration
  • Marketing Presentation


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Your product needs to be contained.  From cookies and crackers to spice and beans, not everything comes in bulk and consumers want to buy in easy to consume packaging.  From stand up pouches to flat barrier bags, flexible packaging allows companies to package their products in easy to handle shapes and sizes.


Your product needs to be protected from moisture, vapor, odor or any other negative element that could affect the taste and texture you intended.  Flexible retail packaging is made from laminated layers of barrier film engineered specifically for the product it is containing while at the same time providing the strength so it can stand or withstand the rigors of being on or falling off a store shelf.


If your product is contained and has the right barrier but cannot handle being moved from shelf to cart or box to store shelf, you’ve got a problem.  Flexible retail packaging is made to protect the contents regardless of the situation.

Marketing Presentation

Your packaging is the voice of your brand, so what is it saying about your product?  Flexible packaging can be printed up to 12 colors in bold, photographic quality.  The front and back and bottom and sides should be used to tell your products story, your company story, and frankly why your product is so great.  Again…what is your packaging saying about your brand and company?

As promised, short and sweet.  Flexible retail packaging does all these things and more.  Don’t settle for inferior packaging that cannot perform and protect while allowing you to ship with confidence.  As always trust your packaging professionalRemember, it’s your product…package it properly.

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