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Tell Your Brand's Christmas Story with Kraft Stand up Pouches

Christmas Packaging Label

Everyone loves a good Christmas story.

From classics such as “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” it’s hard not to love the magic the special holiday brings to our lives. As adults, Christmas storytelling continues to make an impact on the season — and it’s transitioning into a mainstream marketing technique for brands all over the globe. 

Storytelling has become the hot pepper in marketing over the last several years, with companies creatively crafting stories to pull customers closer to their brands. Some choose to use humor, while others tug at our heartstrings. During the holidays, storytelling is all about making memories that last a lifetime. But can we really make a lasting impression during Christmas time with product packaging?

The answer is yes, and kraft stand up zipper pouch bags serve as the perfect platform for storytelling for several reasons. Even though kraft pouches are a bit plainer than printed flexible packaging, you can use other elements to tell your story while spreading Christmas cheer.

Start Your Christmas Story With Custom Printed Labels

Although kraft stand up pouches don’t have the print options of other variations of stand up bags, that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your story through creative design. Print labels have a lot of influence on pulling customers into your brand to explore what you have to offer. Your print labels can tell your story in terms of the origins of your product and the effort that goes into making your product the highest quality.

For seasonal packaging, businesses can get creative with custom print labels. Just like the cover of a book, you’ll need to quickly catch the eye of your customer in order to spark interest. Use festive colors and graphics for the holidays to encourage your customer to pick up your package and learn more about how they fit into your story.

Kraft Bags with Window

Share Stories on The Back Panel of Kraft Stand Bags

One of the most direct methods for Christmas time storytelling with kraft stand up pouches is printing stories directly on the bag. You can update your storyline for the season and incorporate elements that tie into the holidays. You can even use well-known story lines or Christmas songs and alter them to fit your brand’s message. The idea is to bring the spirit of Christmas with your story and encourage smiles and sharing between friends and family. 

This is also a good opportunity to use nostalgia. Depending on your product and target customer, you can quickly connect with your customer by reminding them of Christmas past.

Connect to Your Customer With Kraft Stand up Pouches With Window

Sometimes you can make a connection with your customer without using words. Kraft stand up pouches with window can tell the tale of your product by giving your customers a look inside. By observing your product’s quality and texture, they can formulate a story in their own minds as to how your product will taste. With so many wonderful flavors and foods to explore during the holidays, nothing quite compares to customers being able to see a snapshot of your product before they buy it.

Depending on your item, you can temporarily make your products look more festive by adding red and green sprinkles or shaping your product to look like Christmas characters. Kraft stand up pouches with window will showcase your holiday products and make your brand instantly jump out on the store shelf.

Remember What Storytelling is All About

As you develop your storyline with elements of Christmas or otherwise, keep in mind that the root of story telling comes down to establishing a connection with your customer. Christmastime and kraft pouches can enhance your brand’s storytelling and keep customers believing in your message and the magic of the season.

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