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Sustainable Packaging and Stand Up Pouch Bags

Stand Up Pouch BagsPackaging is vital to any well functioning economy. It consumes enormous resources to package products. The lifespan of most packaging options is short. This has led many to claim that packaging is useless beyond a point. Their claim is that a sustainable economy and packaging do not go hand-in-hand.

The argument is wrong because it is based on a fallacious premises – packaging does no good. Food packaging prevents food from spoiling. Non-food packaging protects sensitive products. Thus a small investment in packaging prevents a significant loss of food and non-food products, which would have otherwise occurred. We cannot eliminate packaging; you can’t carry shampoo from the store to your house without packaging. But the question is - what kind of packaging should be used.

Stand up bags are a great option as they make packaging more efficient. Flexible pouch bags are made from several layers of plastic. Together these layers weigh less than a plastic bottle, glass jar, or even a cardboard carton. The resources that go into the production of stand up pouches are less as compared to other packaging mediums. The energy requirements are also moderate.

The use of stand up pouch bags eliminates the need for heavy expenditure in terms of resources and money on packaging. This leads to an efficient economy in which the packaging is sustainable.