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Standup Pouches for Frozen Foods

Standup pouches are great for storing fresh fruits and juices. But that’s not all – they can be used to package frozen foods as well.

Innovative stand up bags offered by us let you steam-cook frozen vegetables in a microwave without having to take them out from the packet.

With an immense push towards healthy eating, demand for frozen and freshly cut vegetables has ascended in the recent years. This in turn has inspired food packaging manufacturers to create an entire new range of value-added products that are easy to microwave.

Our flexible packaging alternatives for frozen vegetables allow retailers to deliver attention grabbing, high impact graphics that display the brand’s dedication towards freshness and quality.

Stand up pouch solutions for vegetable packaging come with numerous benefits for both consumers and retailers. These include:

  • Easy transportation
  • Multi-layered lamination, which retains the nutrients in vegetables
  • Eye catching graphics that attract buyers
  • Compact size that helps in optimizing freezer space
  • Re-sealable and re-useable capabilities to increase the convenience of stand up pouches
  • Higher profit margins in the frozen and dried vegetable market
  • Fulfillment of your sustainability objectives, offering more “green” options

Due to these reasons mentioned above, standup pouches have become famous in the frozen foods market.