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Standup Pouches and Health Food Packaging

Health and fitness conscious people know that health food packaging plays an important part in retaining the freshness and nutrient value of the food.  People generally prefer trail mix and cereals that are packaged in stand up bags as they stay fresh for longer and can be used again and again. Granola packaging involves the use of zippers, as they make the pouches reusable. Standup pouches are generally kept in the store unrefrigerated as they do not let the heat to pass through them unlike glass jars. This saves storage costs, and these savings are passed to the customer.

Standup packs are also preferred over other packaging methods since they offer a wide front panel where the logo of the company can be printed. This gives more marketing space to the manufacturer to add colorful designs and layouts.

Price is another factor that makes these pouches very attractive. Much cheaper than glass jars and cans, pouches save money on shipping as well. Also, they are preferred by environmentally conscious people because these pouches do not take up much space in landfills. And the ones that have zippers or spouts can be reused.

All these features make standup pouches the most preferred choice in the packaging industry.


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