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Stand Up Pouches are Eco Friendly

Stand Up Pouches are Eco FriendlyStandUpPouches.net has always claimed that its bags are environment friendly. I, David Marinac, have some very interesting and educative (if am allowed to say) videos on YouTube in which I present arguments to show the environment friendliness of stand up bags. You can find those videos on StandUpPouches.net's official YouTube channel by clicking here. In this article I am going to list some arguments that show where stand up bags stand with respect to other packaging materials:

(1) Manufacturing

Stand up bags are made from lightweight plastic. It takes less resources and energy to manufacture a stand up bag than a thick plastic jar, glass bottle, or a tin can. Heavy duty tin cans and plastic jars have been the darling of the packaging industry for a long time – but the situation is changing. As the specter of resource scarcity looms ahead, organizations are now looking for ways to reduce consumption in the long term. A stand up pouch is essentially a plastic pouch (http://www.standuppouches.net/pouches-for/your-product/) which takes significantly less resources to produce than other packaging options.

(2) Transport and Storage

Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gases in the environment. Stand up bags beat other packaging materials here by a big lead as they offer green packaging options. Try to transport 10,000 glass jars, or plastic bottles across Ohio. You will need two trucks on average. In comparison, 10,000 stand up bags can fit inside a small truck – thus transportation costs are low, and the pollution is less too. Inventory requirements for stand up bags are also minimal. This means you save on energy (electricity) that is used in storage houses.

(3) After Use

Stand up bags are recyclable. They can be dug out of a landfill any time and be reused like old radios and other products. Stand up bags are also landfill friendly. Unlike tin cans and glass/plastic jars that take up a lot of space in a landfill and therefore increase the number of landfills required to store them, a large pile of stand up pouches can fit inside a single landfill. This eliminates the need to dig more landfills, and thus pollute the environment.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the three basic tenets of an environment conscious business society. Stand up pouches fit this new culture perfectly as they reduce the amount of resources put into packaging. Their design permits reuse and recycling. They are certainly better for the earth as they are a greener option than plastic bottles and glass jars- and even paper bags.


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