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Stand Up Pouches - Product Packaging Done Right

Spouted Pouches: A New and Convenient Way to Carry Packaged Food

Posted by David Marinac

Spouted Stand Up PouchLove munching on snacks? Why not choose spouted pouches and double your joy? These creative packaging solutions are of immense help for everyday products including fruit purees, baby foods, yogurt, pudding, sauces, to name a few.

Why choose spouted pouches?

With our tight packed schedule where there’s no time to visit the kitchen for every little thing, what we all are in search of is something that would come handy. And to cater to this growing need of ours, today we have spouted packaging pouches by our side. There are many features that add to its popularity. Here are some of them:

  • Apt for granular or liquid products
  • Comes in bottom or side gusset formats
  • Spouts come in various types
  • Larger spouted pouches come with top holes
  • Allows design customization
  • Is an enhanced moisture and oxygen barrier
  • Eco friendly

Lower your product expenses by choosing a spouted pouch

When you go for a spouted plastic pouch, you lower both your packaging as well as transportation expenses. Companies that have used conventional packaging for their liquid products are making a switch to spouted pouches because of their cost savings.

Why companies are shifting to spouted pouches today?
Most companies want to save money while offering the best to their customers. With spouted pouches, they can easily do that.