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Should You Use Stand Up Pouches for Clean Label Products?

In the food and beverage markets, clean label products and packaging are becoming a new industry standard.

Consumers more inclined to purchase natural products are becoming the new norm – Food Processing even states, “the organic consumer is beginning to look like everyone else.” Clean labels are a consumer-driven trend, and many traditional and established brands are retooling both their ingredients and their packaging to meet this demand for natural goods.

There is still much confusion around the term “natural,” however; especially considering the FDA has not pinned down exactly what constitutes a natural product or ingredient. Despite this vague terminology, we know this for sure: Consumers want unprocessed foods made of raw ingredients that come from the earth and don’t contain artificial or synthetic colors and flavors. Most people these days are less concerned about products that contain “low fat” or “low calorie” on its clean label packaging. Instead, they’re looking for less sugar, less allergens, and less preservatives.

Clean_Labels(Image Source: http://emea.ingredion.com/)

Companies should first be rethinking their food and beverage products to include more natural ingredients. Once these recipes have been perfected, the next phase is choosing food packaging that will help convey the great qualities about your fresh and pure products. This is key to getting customers to choose and trust your brand.

Some food manufacturers are attempting to cut corners by using only trace amounts of fruit or vegetable concentrates in their products, while claiming on the food product packaging that their product is made with “natural,” “organic” ingredients. Shoppers these days are smart and savvy, and they have the ability to look up exactly what’s in their food at point of purchase via their smartphones. Transparency is absolutely essential for today’s food and beverage companies. Working with a packaging supplier who cares about you as a client – and about your customers – is the first step to being honest and open with shoppers and getting them to select your product time after time.

Your company can stand out from those “natural” imitators that are using ingredients made to look like foods from the earth with dyes, concentrates, and artificial flavors by selecting stand up pouches with clear film layers that show shoppers exactly what’s inside the food packaging. You can convey the true natural elements that make up your delicious products with stand up pouches because they lend to a longer shelf life and are made of safe, food-grade and FDA-approved barrier layers. This is the perfect food packaging solution for clean label products.

Let’s face it – the healthier the food is, the shorter it seems to last in the refrigerator or pantry. Stand up pouches help protect clean label foods by keeping away outside elements like moisture, light, air, and bacteria.

Because food with natural ingredients is free of preservatives, companies need to choose flexible retail packaging that is shelf stable and resealable. Even manufacturers of pet foods are going the clean label route, choosing eco-friendly stand up pouches made of the same food-grade material and natural structural elements like kraft paper. Good packaging suppliers will help your company find the best flexible retail packaging option for your healthy food in whatever size, shape, or form it comes in.

Clean label products start with natural, additive-free ingredients. Then, it’s up to producers to properly package their offerings so they remain safe, free from contaminants, and last a long time on retail shelves without the addition of harmful preservatives. Packaging suppliers with eco-friendly products and practices will help your brand establish itself as consumer and health conscious while maintaining the integrity of your new clean label ingredients.

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