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Recycling, Flexible Packaging & YOU: New eBook


A growing number of today’s leading businesses are refreshing their products and adopting flexible retail packaging to protect their goods and build their brands.

Stand up pouches are an increasingly popular option because they are resistant to puncture and breakage, they lend will to bold, creative designs, and they stand upright on shelves without the weight and heft of traditional boxes, cans, or jars.

However, there is some hesitation about switching to stand up pouches, as companies worry about the environmental impact of using these non-biodegradable containers. There are many myths and misconceptions about how eco-friendly flexible packaging really is. In reality, these pouches are much less damaging to the world around us than the glass, metal, and plastic containers most consumers are used to seeing.

We’ve revealed the truth about recycling stand up pouches and why even paper sacks and plastic bags are more damaging to the ecosystem than new scientifically developed flexible packaging. Stand up pouches and flat barrier bags can actually help companies reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate excessive waste in landfills. Products contained in this type of packaging use less fuel to transport, which means air pollution is lessened and fewers greenhouse gases are emitted.

Discover why stand up pouches are one of the most protective and environmentally sound options for packaging your product in our complimentary eBook, “Recycling, Flexible Packaging & YOU.”

Recycling eBook