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Marketing for Protein Powder Packaging | Stand Up Pouches

protein powder packagingProtein powder has become a favorite dietary supplement for many people. Once limited to body builders and certain classes of athletes, everyone from school kids to grandparents now consume protein powder. This increased popularity has led, as it so often does, to increased competition, a factor that requires revisiting marketing strategies for protein powder in order to keep pace. Packaging should be among the marketing strategies for protein powder packaging that you employ for continuing commercial success and stand up pouches are an excellent packaging option.

Stand up pouches consist of multiple layers of scientifically-formulated, food-grade film which have been laminated together to create a barrier pouch. Puncture-resistant, a stand up pouch for protein powder packaging will protect from vapor, odor, pests, moisture and, if you prefer, light and/or air. The pouch's barrier properties will also preserve the shelf life of your brand by sealing in freshness and nutrition. An optional zip lock closure system will not only assist in extending the "best by" date of your products, it will prevent spills as well.

Marketing strategies for protein powder packaging require consideration of how best to distinguish your brand in the marketplace, another reason that stand up pouches are a superior packaging choice. By standing up, stand up pouches will allow your brand to stand apart from the jugs and canisters commonly used to package protein powder. Round and sombrero-shaped hang holes offer health food stores and other retailers another display option. 

The design and structure of stand up pouches offer you some display options as well. The wide front and back pouch panels are ideally suited for product labels and other promotional stickers, for custom printing (in up to 10 colors) tailored to your exact specifications, for the use of clear or translucent film, or for any combination of these features.

In addition to all we've said so far, your marketing strategies for protein powder should also consider convenience. Stand up pouches stand up so they store conveniently in the pantry or kitchen. Optional tear notches permit easy, mess-free opening.

So consider stand up pouches: Outstanding packaging, stand out marketing options.

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