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Loose Tea Packaging Case Study: Teascapes

Posted by David Marinac

Who They Are:

Teascapes specializes in a variety of exotic loose leaf teas from around the world, including the following: loose tea packaging teascapes

  • Green
  • Oolong
  • Black
  • White
  • Rooibus
  • Scented

How Stand Up Pouches Worked with Teascapes

Working with Teascapes was a unique experience from the very beginning. They wanted not only a matte finish for their packaging design, but also a glossy or shiny finish. This isn’t easy to do and requires specialty equipment on our end. Furthermore, the unique colors of their packaging design (the specific shades of green and orange) had to match what they had in mind. This was the challenge for us: the colors Teascapes wanted had only been rendered “on a computer monitor,” never before on a printed stand up pouch made from metalized film.

Metalized film is naturally “shiny,” and due to the client’s desire for a matte or muted finish in some areas, this film needed to be toned down. In other shiny areas, the client wanted these to be even shinier than they already were. We were up to the challenge of course, and the resulting packaging design is simply amazing (if we do say so ourselves... and we do!).

From there, Teascapes used our packaging design as a jumping off point for building their new brand, along with their website. Their other printed products, such as letterhead and business cards, evolved too once the printed stand up pouches were completed to their satisfaction.