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Why Retortable Pouches are Better Than Cans


A change is taking the supermarkets by storm. Products that used to come in cans are now finding their home in a new packaging medium – the retortable stand up pouch.

There has never been a time when we witnessed so many innovations in packaging in such a short span of time. Pet food manufacturers, seafood manufacturers, and other food manufacturers have started to consider this new method of custom food packaging to make their products more appealing to consumers. Retortable pouches offer several advantages over their traditional rival – the tin can. Here is a short list of some of these advantages:

(1) Retortable stand up bags are made using special materials, and through the use of a new technology which allows manufacturers to pre-cook food in these packages. They use super-heated water or steam to cook food inside these pouches. Pre-cooking makes the pouches more appealing to consumers as the food requires almost no preparation before eating. The less the cooking, the more the consumers are going to like them.

(2) Retortable stand up pouches are resealable, so consumers do not have to look for a place to store their remaining tuna. These pouches come with a handy zip lock which eliminates the need to buy more storage mediums.

(3) Food in retortable pouches cooks better. Retort packaging offer a large surface area, over which the food is spread out uniformly. This results in faster and more even cooking. In cans, it is not uncommon to find overcooked food near the walls and undercooked food around the center.

(4) Retortable pouches give your brand an increased visibility. These pouches offer a large surface area in front and at the back. Manufacturers can utilize this surface area to create graphic designs to attract consumers' attention. Additionally, these pouches are made using the latest techniques, so they are friendlier towards newer printing methods than traditional packaging mediums.

(5) Supermarkets can place retort packaging on store shelves, or hang them in a peg display. This versatility gives manufactures more visibility.

(6) It is easier and more convenient to store retortable pouches before they have been filled. These packages pack flat, so transport and storage is easier.

(7) Retortable pouches are made from several high quality layers. These layers make the package durable. This durability is comparable to tin cans. And you do not have to worry about any dents either.

(8) Finally, there are no sharp edges. These pouches are many times safer than tin cans because of a complete absence of sharp edges.

These eight reasons clearly demonstrate that standup pouches are better than tin cans. Make your choice wisely.


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