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How is Flour Packaged?

Stand Bags for Flour and GrainFlour is a product that is used in all households. Since it is used everywhere, it becomes an important part of everyone’s lives and should be packaged carefully.

The entire packaging process is fully automated to make sure that there are no microbes or external factors that come into play. The flour that is ready to be packaged is put into the packets. These packets are FDA approved and are made of food grade plastic. This makes sure that the flour does not react with the packet.

The packaging is done in a way to make sure that no air or moisture can go through the bag. However, if some moisture does pass through, the packaging should be such that it does not react with it. For example, there are some packaging colors that would dissolve in water. This could be dangerous for the flour. Our food grade packaging makes sure that the packaging does not react with any environmental factor, and keeps the contents safe.

Flour packaging is done in many ways. There are small as well as large packets. The packaging of flour also depends on its quantity. With smaller quantity, there is no special need regarding the robustness of the packet. However, with larger quantity, the packet should be strong enough to be carried to different places. Plus, it should have features to allow it to be used multiple times. Zippers would do the trick here, as they can be opened and closed multiple times.

For even larger quantities that are used in professional bakeries, there are simple flour bags with hang holes. This way they can be hung on hooks to save space.

The material used to package flour in standup pouches is made by laminating several plastic layers together. This makes a barrier against external factors like sunlight, air, moisture, and germs. Because of these qualities, it is also known as barrier packaging. This barrier packaging is highly preferred for easily perishable food products. Since flour can easily go rancid with the slightest of moisture, it is important to use barrier packaging to keep it safe.

If you are looking for the right packaging for your flour, you have come to the right place. We can offer innovative and inexpensive solutions to package your flour. Not just that, we also offer high quality printing services to make sure that your packaged flour has striking graphics to attract customers. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


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