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How Bad is Cereal Box Packaging?

It will be unfair to call cereal box packaging bad. It has its problems. It is expensive. It is less environment friendly than stand up pouches. It does not reseal. But it is far from being bad. Cereal boxes are older than the Cold War (the U.S. – Soviet Union rivalry which lasted from 1945 until 1991) and they are still going strong. They will stay for a few more years, perhaps even a couple of decades, before stand up pouch bags replace them as the sole chief medium to package cereals. In this article we will see how cardboard boxes score against stand up pouches in cereal packaging, and consequently how bad (or good) they are.

(1) Cost

Stand up pouches have a big advantage over cardboard cereal boxes when it comes to cost. StandUpPouches.net's custom printed stand up bags can be bought for between 15 and 20 cents apiece. This is nearly half the cost of an empty cardboard box which comes with a price tag of 35 cents. Storage and transport costs for both packaging mediums are minimal, but stand up bags have a slight advantage due to their light weight and slim structure.

(2) Environment

It takes fewer resources to produce stand up pouches than cardboard cereal boxes. StandUpPouches.net's stand up bags are recyclable and reusable. Although cardboard boxes are also recyclable, but recycled boxes are not safe to use, as we will discuss in the next point.

(3) Safety

A team of researchers found in 2011 that recycled cardboard boxes were unsafe to package food products. Several high profile companies renounced recycled cardboard boxes after the publication of the report. In comparison, StandUpPouches.net's bags are made from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials which have been tested safe to package food products.

(4) Chances of visibility

Stand up pouches are versatile, and therefore there are more ways to make them visible to customers and thus increase sales. Cardboard boxes can only stand on store shelves. Stand up pouches with gussets and hang holes don’t just stand on the shelves, but they can also be hung on hooks.

(5) Product information

Cardboard boxes are cuboid in shape. They have four sides which do not permit expansive artwork, or long details of the product. In comparison, stand up pouches feature a broad front and back. This area can be utilized to make intricate and expansive artwork. Also, a large area allows you to include details about your product, the ingredients, and other important data.

So yes, standup pouches are better than cardboard boxes, but it doesn’t mean that cardboard boxes are entirely bad. This is why they are still being used today.




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