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How Are Stand Up Pouches Used?

Stand up bags are a flexible packaging option. They can be used for the packaging of food and non-food products. There are no fixed rules on how they should be used – someone has yet to write a rule book! New ways of using these pouches are surfacing as manufacturers and Eco-Friendly Packaging Bagssellers are expanding the boundaries of how to use stand up bags by using them to package new products. They package liquid and solid food products, along with non-food items. The addition of spouts makes stand up pouches an alternative to plastic bottles, while zip-locks make them a fiercely competitive packaging material for solid foods. Even in non-food packaging, manufacturers are fast switching over to stand up bags because of the many advantages they bring to the table. In this article we will have a quick look over how these plastic pouches are being used:

(1) Liquid packaging

StandUpPouches.net manufactures FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved custom printed stand up pouches. The FDA approval declares them safe for the packaging of food products. Accessories such as hang holes make these pouches easy to store. A store owner can hang them if the space on the shelves is not sufficient. The use of multiple layers provides protection against environmental factors like humidity dust, along with the physical factors that affect the packaging during transportation, storage, and handling. Additional accessories such as spouts make them a viable and cost effective substitute for plastic and glass bottles.

(2) Snack packaging and other solid food packaging

Snacks are lightweight food items that come in every imaginable variety and taste. People love them, which is obvious from the shooting sales figures. The packaging of snacks demands the use of materials that are less costly to manufacture, easy to transport and store, and secure to package food items. Stand up bags fulfill all three requirements. They cost somewhere between 15 and 20 cents apiece, and are the cheapest packaging option. Thousands of these packages can be stored inside a couple of large boxes. And since they are made of multiple layers, they are strong and durable to handle mild wear and tear.

(3) Non-food product packaging

Standup pouches can also be used to store non-food products. There are many things that can be stored in these packets- garden materials, engine oils, powder, and other things. Our pouches have also been used to hold masks and bowling pins.

There are more than a hundred ways to use standup pouches. How do you want to use them?


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