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Stand Up Pouches - Product Packaging Done Right

Pouches Packaging: Available Laminated Barrier Structures

Posted by David Marinac

FilmStand Up Pouches are made from laminated barrier films. Why is this important? Well, these films accomplish two important things:

  • They provide the strength for the pouch to "stand" effectively.
  • They also provide the barrier properties that keep the contents fresher for longer.

These laminated films come in clear, metalized, and foil structures. There are advantages and disadvantages with each. Count on StandUpPouches.net to help you determine what will work best for your product based upon Your Criteria.

Based on Your Criteria, we will make recommendations with our goal being to provide the best barrier properties with the most strength at the total lowest cost. Often our recommendations will be with film structures that we have the certified test data for. Sometimes they will be similar but not exact. Regardless, here is a list of many of our available structures and their test data.

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