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Resealable Pouches Have Never Looked So Good

Insiders all agree: stand up pouches have revolutionized the packaging industry. Their unique construction has opened the door for manufacturers of all types of products to take advantage of the branding and merchandising benefits stand up pouches offer. In addition, their unique ability to be customized makes them an ideal solution to many packaging needs. In other words, do you need resealable pouches? No problem.

What is a Stand Up Pouch?

A stand up pouch is a laminated film bag, usually constructed from different plastics or a blend of plastic and aluminum foil. They are ideal for makers of foodstuffs like sugar or salt, or even for personal care items like soap, because they eliminate a lot of the excess packaging that molded plastics and cardboard containers typically create.

What to Consider in a Resealable Pouch or Reclosable Plastic Bag

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, one of the most important things for manufacturers to consider before employing the use of stand up pouches is how they want consumers to access the product. The options are plenty. Whether it is via a zipper or a sticker, the method you choose is completely dependent upon the type of product contained within the pouch. Here is a brief summary of the different access methods to help you determine which is best for you:


Stand up pouches that close by a sliding zipper are probably the most convenient method for consumers to use. They do not have to use scissors or knives to open the package, and can easily be used by those with arthritis or other health problems that hinder manual dexterity. The slider also guarantees a complete sealing of the zipper, so consumers will not have to rely on secondary storage methods to keep the product fresh.


This is the slider method taken to the next level. For those consumers who worry about product tampering, the hooded slider provides an extra layer of protection, giving them the peace of mind they need. In this method, a visible tear away seal above the zipper clearly shows whether or not the package has been opened. There is also a seal within the slider itself that provides even more security from tampering.


In this method, the zipper seal on the stand up pouch is closed when the consumer presses the male and female sides of the zipper together, creating a locked seal. It is an extremely economical method to use on a stand up pouch, but not necessarily the most user-friendly.


Stickers can be used for a variety of different applications on stand up pouches. Should you wish, suppliers of stand up pouches can place a registered sticker on your package that gives you an extra opportunity to brand your product or to give the consumer additional information. They can also be used as a recloseable option.

With the variety of access options available with stand up pouches, there is undoubtedly a method that will work best for you. All you have to ask yourself is: how does each access method stand up to the demands of my product?


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