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Global Shortage of 38-400 Alcohol Compliant Gallon Pumps!

38-400 PumpsThere is a global shortage of alcohol compliant 38-400 pumps for gallon containers.  Over the past few weeks ALL US supply is gone.  We've heard of places charging $7.95 for a pump...a pump!!  We have an upcoming slot in production for 38-400 alcohol compliant gallon pumps. 

We are letting others add to our order to reduce the lead time (which is now 60-90 days out...just for production and this is only going to get worse)!

Critical Information Is Below:

  • We can ship in 24 hours after PO is received
  • We have worked with this supplier for pumps for over 17 years
  • We have entire manufacturing...can produce 150,000 + per week
  • First shipment = PO + 24 hours
  • FOB Beijing (no holds on Customs) or FOB Guangzhou 
  • Will fit gallon containers
  • Alcohol Compliant
  • Can customize length of tube
  • 100% Quality Guarantee...Send Us Your Gallon Container For Fit

Gallon for Hand Sanitizer

100,000 minimum run.  Use this to replenish depleted inventory or use this as part of your further Supply Chain need for 38-400.  Contact me directly if interested.

David Marinac   216-373-1005the famous help button


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