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Four Access Methods in a Reclosable Plastic Bag

Stand Up BagsThe construction of stand up bag pouches opens the door for manufacturers to experiment with branding and merchandising. Packaging industry insiders unanimously agree that these little pouches have revolutionized the world of packaging. These pouches can be customized to a large extent. This makes them a very attractive option for manufacturers who are looking for an effective solution to their packaging needs.
A stand up pouch is made from several layers of plastic, aluminum, and other materials. Several layers of these materials are glued together to form a stand up plastic pouch. A stand up pouch can be used to package a variety of goods – sugar, salt, cold drinks, snacks, pet food, soap, cleaners, and garden materials.
These pouches come in a variety of sizes and shapes. An important consideration that goes into the design of a stand up pouch is – how are consumers going to access the product? There are several ways to do this. Manufacturers can install a zipper, or they can opt for a sticker over a hole. The choice of the method ultimately depends on the product, and to some extent, consumer preference. Here we are listing four common access methods: 
(1) Slider
Slider pouches are perhaps the most common and most convenient. Consumers do not require scissors or other tools to access the product. These pouches are usable even by people who are suffering from arthritis, or other health problems. As a slider ensures proper sealing, consumers have the added advantage of not relying on secondary storage methods once the package has been opened.
(2) Hooded slider
Hooded slider is a special kind of slider which protects products against tampering. The “hood” provides an extra layer of protection. This hood is usually a tear-away seal above the zipper which provides an effective guard against tampering.
(3) Press-to-close (PTC) zipper
Press-to-close (PTC) zipper is a second kind of zipper which gets locked when a consumer pushes together the two opposing strips. This method is economical. It saves money for manufacturers. But it has a catch. A PTC zipper is not a very consumer friendly access method.
(4) Stickers
Manufacturers can use stickers for a variety of reasons on stand up pouches. The stickers offer an additional opportunity to brand a product. They can be used to provide additional product information. They can be used in place of zippers. Stickers provide another method to make a stand up pouch re-closable.
These methods are predominantly for storing solid objects. For liquids, there are different types of spouts, making the packaging very versatile.