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Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouches

We’ve talked a lot about standup pouches and things that make them unique. If you are looking for the right packaging for your product, you might want to take a look at flat bottom stand up pouches. Let’s compare flat bottom standup pouches with traditional pouch bags.



We know that standup bags protect stuff from moisture, germs, UV rays, and punctures – this is standard for all pouches. However, there is a new type of pouch gaining popularity these days. It’s the flat bottom standup pouch, also known as the side gusset pouch or the box pouch.


There are four distinct advantages of flat bottoms over other types of standup pouches:


  1.        Less energy is used to make them.
  2.        Less room is needed for their transportation and storage.
  3.        Less film (12% less) is needed than the regular standup pouches. Less film means more savings.
  4.        Hold more. Because of their design, flat bottom pouches have more volume than regular standup bags.


Apart from these advantages, these bags are landfill friendly and reusable. They have a revolutionary design, and can be used to hold dry products as well as liquids.


Why choose StandUpPouches.net?

You can get flat bottom standup pouches from many manufacturers. How are we different? Take a look at the following video to see how we work:




1. Rotogravure Printing

This type of printing is bold, dynamic, and offers higher quality than flexographic printing. It is done with engraved printing cylinders that retain ink, and then directly transfer it to the film. However, flexographic printing is done using polymer or rubber plates, which do not give high quality results.


2. High Quality, Low Cost Run

We provide the highest quality at the lowest cost. Apart from that, we also offer the lowest minimum run in the industry. If you want just a few thousand pouches for a startup project, we can deliver that. Our minimum run is of 5,000 pouches which is the lowest in the packaging industry.


3. Artwork Guidance

We have our own graphics department that can help you create the best artwork for your product. Our experts can work on your artwork from scratch, or they can make tweaks to what you already have.


4. Unique Process

We really work hard and listen to you. We try to understand your product and your business. Is your product coarse or fine? Is it heavy or light? Does it have a coating or oil residue? Is it susceptible to light? Do you want an opaque or a transparent pouch? How do you want to fill the product? Where will you store it- in a warehouse or a freezer? We use all these factors to create the right pouch for your business.


5. Scalable

We are scalable and can grow with you. That’s critical for the success of a business. You can start with just 5,000 pouches and then raise your order as your company grows. We can handle that load. We can deliver even more than 5 million pouches! Try us.


As a bonus step, we promote your business. We can feature your product on our website, and our team can write press releases and case studies about it. If you want, our experts can even sell your product on our website for you. We can also link to your site so that our incoming traffic can be directed to your website.


These are the things that no other pouch manufacturer will do for you. Where else can you get all these features along with award winning packaging and business support?


Try something different for your product. Contact us and we can discuss how flat bottom stand up pouches can help your business’ products.

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