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Final Opportunity and Push for 38-400 Alcohol Compliant Gallon PUMPS

What if you had the opportunity to piggyback on a large retailer's slot in production for the 38-400 alcohol compliant pumps for gallon containers?  What if you could order and 38-400 Alcohol Pumpsstart to receive shipment within 24 hours, of something that is in such high demand?  What if you could order 100,000 or 1,000,000 or whatever you needed and had YOUR order run ahead of companies that will be waiting 90 days just to get their pumps manufactured...and still need to wait for shipping?

This major retailer asked us to negotiate with the factory to STOP production and drop their order in.  In exchange we also have the opportunity to open this to anyone else who needs the same priority treatment.

Is that your company?  Imagine being able to receive 50,000 or 150,000 of pumps next week?  Or, imagine being able to drop in an order and have them on the water coming your way in a week or 2 weeks or whatever you require?  We know the critical nature of these pumps and we are offering this to anyone who needs them.  We know that those companies who produce hand sanitizer can sell as much as they can make...IF ONLY they had pumps.  Gallon containers aren't a problem, it's the pumps.  Here is your chance to jump to the front of the line.  We hope you'll take it, as this health crisis isn't going to go away anytime soon, nor is the need for gallon pumps.

Critical Information Is Below:

  • We can ship in 24 hours after PO is received
  • We have worked with this supplier for pumps for over 17 years
  • We have entire manufacturing...can produce 150,000 + per week
  • First shipment = PO + 24 hours
  • FOB Beijing (no holds on Customs) or FOB Guangzhou 
  • Will fit gallon containers
  • Alcohol Compliant
  • Can customize length of tube
  • 100% Quality Guarantee...Send Us Your Gallon Container For Fit

SHIPPING DETAILS--Click Here or See Snapshot Below

Shipping Info

Gallon for Hand Sanitizer

100,000 minimum run.  Use this to replenish depleted inventory or use this as part of your further Supply Chain need for 38-400.  Contact me directly if interested.

Pump Side View

David Marinac   216-373-1005the famous help button


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