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Environment-Friendly Standup Pouches

Supplement PackagingRising concerns over our fast deteriorating environment have caused both the manufacturers and consumers to turn towards eco-friendly products. Therefore there is a lot of pressure on manufacturers to produce items that are recyclable. Innovative alternatives to environmentally harmful materials are being introduced in the market, and are receiving good feedback.

Standup pouches are one of the easiest and more convenient storage options, and they are also recyclable. Most of our snack food packaging is certified as recyclable, and these packets can be reused as construction material for a number of items. Standup pouches are made of non-reactive elements, so they can be thrown away without any special requirements or techniques. Once disposed, standup pouches are taken to landfills where they are recycled and re-used. This makes them a green option for packaging.

One common misconception consumers and manufacturers have about standup pouches is that they are ‘biodegradable’. Standup pouches used for drink packaging or vitamin packaging are primarily made of strong and flexible plastic. They do not disintegrate in landfills, and hence are not biodegradable. This is because pouches get buried under the earth in landfills, where they do not receive any sunlight and air, which are necessary for the process of biodegradation.


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