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Stand Up Pouches - Product Packaging Done Right

Drink Mix Packaging Using Stand Up Bags

Posted by David Marinac

drink mix packaging using stand up pouchesDrink mix.  Easy to think of drink mix simply as an ingredient for mixing cocktails.  But what about lemonade or limeade or orangeade?  What about fruit punch or iced tea or hot cocoa?  And, as we head into fall and then the holiday season, what about hot spiced cider or hot mulled wine?

When you stop and think about it, drink mix packaging applies to many, many different products.  And no drink mix packaging meets the needs of the manufacturer, the wholesaler/retailer and the consumer better than stand up pouches.  Also called stand up bags, stand bags or Mylar bags, this type of packaging is ideal for contents such as powdered mixes.  Created by laminating together multiple layers of drink mix packagingbarrier film, stand up pouches are puncture resistant (always important, but especially for powdered contents!), sturdy and stable.  They protect the mix from vapor, odor, light and, most importantly, moisture.   Important because there's not much worse than reaching for drink mix packaging and finding that it's gotten wet.  Which, of course, results in nothing but clumps of flavored powder.   Unappetizing at the best of times.

Stand up drink mix packaging is the perfect way to market fruit mixes, iced tea, cocoa and the awkwardly named mixed-drink mixes.  Designed to create a stable base, stand up pouches stand up on the shelf so they stand out from the competition.  Available hang holes provide retailers another display option.

With wide front and back panels, stand bags enable the marketing department to affix product labels or to custom print text and graphics in up to 10 colors on the bags.  Exciting, eye-catching packaging is a sure-fire way to assist the shopper in making the choice you want him to make.

Stand up pouch drink mix packaging comes with tear notches for easy, mess-free opening.  Anyone pulling too hard when opening a package containing powder for the first time knows what a kitchen disaster that can be.

Available zip lock closures make for simple and tidy powdered mix storage,  removing any temptation for ants and  their insect brethren by keeping the kitchen shelves clean!

Drink mix packaging.  From hot cocoa to iced tea, throwing stand up pouches into the packaging mix is the best solution.  Want to learn more about drink mix packaging using stand up bags?