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NASC Board Members Discuss the Status of Pet Supplements

NASC Preferred Supplier Label

Protecting the health and wellbeing of pets begins with carefully inspecting and auditing the companies involved in manufacturing and supplying the products we give to our animals.

From the food we feed them to the supplements we provide to keep our pets healthy, careful attention to detail must be placed not only on the products themselves, but also the raw materials, ingredients, and supplement packaging — all are important components that can make or break the quality of the finished product. People truly love their pets, and companies work to foster that bond between humans and their domesticated animals.

Some people would even rather go hungry than cease providing for and protecting the health of their beloved cats, dogs, and horses. This is why organizations like the National Animal Supplement Council are so crucial to all stakeholders involved in maintaining the wellbeing and longevity of pets big and small. Animals need a voice, and pet supplements must be safeguarded via standards that maintain good manufacturing quality and processes.

Once upon a time, the pet supplements industry was threatened, and forward-thinking leaders were desperately needed to steer companies involved with pet products in the right direction. Being passive and sitting idly by was not an option – someone needed to step up for the sake of animals and their caring owners. This is when Bill Bookout, a human healthcare industry veteran, shifted gears and made pet health and industry reform his mission.

Bill rallied up several companies – one of which was NaturVet, led by Scott Garmon – to recognize the issues in the pet supplements industry and develop a framework that is fair, consistent, and educational for brands selling these products. The NASC was founded as a response to the confusing regulatory environment for animal supplements and the vast amount of products that were being pulled from the shelves. The organization set clear guidelines for cooperating with regulatory officials, keeping them engaged, and establishing a responsible system of self-regulation that is nationally consistent and meets the objectives of all stakeholders – most importantly, pets and their devoted owners.

NaturVet Pet Supplement Packaging

Once the foundation was created for overseeing the pet supplements industry, the NASC’s founding members put together a plan to build their credibility and transparency, along with developing a system of continuous improvement that all members would have to adhere to. The process took five to six years to perfect, but it allowed these passionate pet lovers to have the opportunity to shape the foundation upon which the industry is built – a feat that doesn’t happen very often in today’s world.

Bill Bookout and Scott Garmon have worked together to truly change the animal supplements industry for the better, and with the members of the NASC, they have established the framework for improving the health of cats, dogs, and horses across the nation.

Bill and Scott join StandUpPouches.net President David Marinac in a FREE, on-demand webinar to share their expert insight on the state of the pet industry and how the regulatory environment for animal supplements has changed.

In this roundtable discussion you will learn:

  • How to distinguish legitimate, compliant pet product brands from the rest
  • Why the NASC label is so highly coveted among pet supplement companies
  • What the new Preferred Supplier program is and why it matters
  • How NaturVet and the NASC are improving the quality of life for cats, dogs, and horses

nasc naturvet roundtable

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