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SALE: Limited-Time Discount on Custom Printed Pouches

Custom Printed Pouches

The tools, resources, skills, and manpower required to build a brand in 2016 has evolved. In addition to traditional marketing tactics like ads, social media posts, and emails, the physical product has become an increasingly important catalyst for connecting consumers to your business and building brand recognition and loyalty.

The most innovative consumer packaged goods companies out on the market today are getting creative with their packaging and are tying it into their overall promotional efforts. A whopping 1 billion people (that’s nearly one out of every two people accessing the Internet) actively use YouTube, and brands are taking advantage of this highly lucrative platform by featuring unboxing videos, product demonstrations, and reviews from trusted influencers who delve into the product’s features from first impression to final usage. In fact, last year it was reported that consumers viewed “unboxing” videos more than 1.1 billion times — a total of 60 million hours.

This is one example of the definitive proof that the first thing people see either when researching reviews on a product or coming in contact with it themselves in retail stores is the packaging. Your product package designs either have the major “wow” factor, or they fall flat and blend into every similar product out on the market. Those who remain ahead of the competition use product packaging design to their advantage, focusing on every detail that visually communicates how their product is different from the rest and how it fulfills the needs of the customers.

This is why custom printed pouches have become increasingly popular in the world of flexible retail packaging — with bold colors, modern designs, vibrant water-based inks, and the ability to custom size the package to perfectly fit the product and selling location, brands have a new tool to both promote their goods and entice customers into picking it up and purchasing it. The custom printed pouch becomes a key part of the overall product experience, and an entirely customized package helps distinguish both the high quality of your products and distinctiveness of your brand from the rest.

To assist our CPG partners in presenting their products in the most creative, sought-after packaging on the market today, we are offering limited-time weekly discounts on custom printed pouches throughout the entire month of September.

For the week of Sept. 12-16, you will get $125 off your entire order. Order between Sept 19-23, and you will get $100 off, and placing an order on Sept. 26-30 will get $75 off your order.

To participate in this special sale, simply contact your project manager after artwork has been approved and the work order has been signed. If you are a new customer or are interested in making the switch to fully customized custom product packaging designs, reach out and a team member will be with you in time for this special September sale.

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Custom Printed Pouch Sale

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