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Different Styles of Gussets for Pouch Bags

The gusset is the part of the bag that holds the product. When it comes to packaging, it's important to know about different styles of gussets and what they are suited for because different gussets are used for different types of products. The following are four common types of gussets that can be used in stand up packaging:

  • The round bottom gusset: This type of gusset is rounded and does not hold up the bag because it is used for dry foods and other products that don't weigh so much. The bag is held upright by the sides.
  • Another gusset is the "K" style gusset:  This is a bit less rounded than than other gussets and is good for moderately heavy products that settle to the bottom of the bag.
  • Plow bottom gusset: In this type of bag, the product pushes down the bottom of the pouch and helps keep the bag upright with its weight. This is a good gusset to use for heavier products like sugar or liquids.
  • Side gusset, flat bottom pouch: A new style, stand up pouch bags that have this gusset are entirely flat on the bottom of the package. This is a good design for products that work better when placed in packaging that somewhat resembles a box.

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Styles of Bottom Gussets Screenshot