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Cereal Packaging Report 2017

Stand Up Pouches - Product Packaging Done Right

Debunking The Myths Webinar

Posted by Brittany Nader

Thinking about making the switch to flexible retail packaging? There are undoubtedly a number of myths and misconceptions you’ve heard about ditching your old boxes and containers for pouches and bags. One of the largest concerns for small and mid-market companies is cost. Many are afraid of the risk and time involved, not to mention the extra costs.

What if your supplier makes a mistake? How long will you have to wait to receive your new packing? What happens with a big-name store wants your product on the shelves now, and your new flexible retail packaging isn’t ready yet?

These are concerns any good packaging vendor knows and understands well. In this webinar, ABC Packaging Direct President David Marinac and Jason Wong, VP of Sales at HFM Food Service, address these common questions and offer tried-and-true solutions for your company.

Whether you’re using flexible retail packaging for the first time, or choosing a supplier in the U.S., this webinar touches on the fears many companies have and explains why ditching the box can actually help you achieve 20-30% or more in cost savings.

If companies like Kraft and Heinz trust suppliers enough to handle their packaging needs, and get products on the shelves in a timely and efficient manner, so can you. The key is finding a trusted partner who is willing to work with you to reach a fair deal.

Jason and David explain how to identify the right overseas supplier, why you and a partner should handle your packaging needs instead of putting money in the hands of co-manufacturers, and how you allocate more funds into building your brand instead of wasting it on packaging by switching to stand up pouches, flat barrier bags, and more flexible retail packaging solutions.

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