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Consumer Buy Retail Packaging With Their Eyes

We are all consumers in some way or another. We all walk down store aisles and have that talk with ourselves as we look at the products we are interested in. We'll pick up something, read the packaging, look at the ingredients and calorie count and most likely review the size of the packaged product.

Consumers Buy With Their Eyes

Will it fit in my cupboard? Is it meant to be opened and re-closed, or is it a single serve? Is the packaging sturdy enough to last in my household? Where is the product made? What makes it unique and special? Can I recycle the finished packaging  when I'm done? Can I re-purpose it if I'm so inclined? Can I compost it? Is it child proof or child resistant (if your family needs that sort of thing)?

With all of this going on in the 2-3 minutes we are walking down a store aisle, why is it most companies think of their packaging at the last minute?

Consumers Buy With Their Eyes

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