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Coffee Packaging: PBFY vs. Roastar

Coffee Packaging
Here at StandUpPouches.net, we’re digging into a series of posts where we compare two packaging companies and their coffee bean bags for sale.

This data is pulled straight from their websites and outlined from a completely unbiased perspective. If you’ve been researching one (or both) of these companies, take a look at how they stack up against one another.

Without any more delay, here’s the coffee packaging showdown for Roastar vs. Plastic Bags For You.

Plastic Bags For You vs. Roastar: Available Styles

Plastic Bags For You has five available styles of coffee bags in their inventory. These styles include:

  •      Side gusseted coffee bags
  •      Flat bottom coffee bags (PBFY labels them as Block Bottom Bags)
  •      Stand up bags for coffee
  •      Flat pouch coffee bags
  •      Tin tie coffee bags

In terms of coffee bags, Roastar has three packaging styles to choose from: stand up pouches, flat pouches, and gusseted bags. They also have a 2 o.z version of a three-side seal coffee bag available in their inventory.

Coffee Bag Features

Plastic Bags For You has a selection of packaging features and sealers, including:

  •      Degassing valves
  •      Zip locks
  •      Zippers
  •      Tin ties
  •      Re-sealable tape
  •      Bag clips

You can get just about anything for coffee packaging features at PBFY.

Roastar's features are a bit more limited. They offer tin ties for their coffee bean bags for sale, as well as packaging that comes with an optional gas release valve.

Available Sizes

Roastar’s selection of packaging sizes depends on the style of bag that you select. Gusseted bags are available in two sizes: 5-8 oz. and 12-16 oz. Their stand up pouches have slightly more variety with 2 oz, 5-8 oz, 12-16 oz, and 32 oz bags available. They also have a mini flat pouch for coffee samples, available at 2 oz.

PBFY has a larger selection of coffee bag sizes for all styles. 

  •      Gusseted side bags are available in 2oz, 8oz, 16oz, 2lb, 5lb
  •      Stand up bags are available in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 2lb, 5lb
  •      Tin tie bags are available in ½lb, 1lb, 2lb, 5lb
  •      Flat pouches come in 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 2lb
  •      Block bottom bags come in 16oz

Materials And Print Options

PBFY’s coffee packaging materials consist of the following:

  •      Clear
  •      Foil
  •      Kraft paper
  •      Colored poly

Print options from PBFY consist of hot print stamping, custom printed labels, and custom printed bags. All artwork must be in CMYK format, and black and white artwork should be gray scale. They offer rotogravure printing, flexo printing, and hot stamp printing.

Roastar has two available packaging materials: glossy laminated white film and matte laminated film. They’re a process color printer that also uses CMYK format in the printing process.  

Coffee Beans

Print Capacity And Lead Time:

PBFY’s minimum print varies. Custom printed bags with hot stamps (1-2 colors) requires a minimum order of 1 case and 7-10 days lead time. Custom printed bags with multiple colors and photos have a minimum order of 5,000 and a turnaround time of 8-10 weeks. Custom labels require an inquiry to find out your minimum order, but the turnaround is 10-14 days.

Roastar has a minimum order of just 100 bags and a turnaround time of 1 week.

Location and Years in Business

PBFY has been in the packaging business since 1992 and is located in Brea, California. Roastar was founded in 2011 and is located in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Plastic Bags For You vs. Roastar: Who’s The Winner?

Both companies have their pros and cons when it comes to selection, style, features, and lead-time. Either company can be the winner depending on your specific packaging needs, but it always pays to do your research before settling on a particular brand. A packaging professional will help you choose the best bags or pouches for your business and guide you through the process.

(Image Sources: Design Instruct, The Living Room Coffee House)

Coffee Bags coffee packaging

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