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Chocolate Packaging: Clasen Quality Coatings Case Study

stand up pouches for clasen

Who They Are:

Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc. (CQC) is a world-class manufacturer of pure chocolate and confectionery coatings. Their product line includes milk, dark, white, yogurt, peanut, and colored and flavored formulations. Clasen offers the food industry unparalleled capabilities for innovation and customization to meet their customers’ precise new product development requirements.

How Stand Up Pouches Worked with Clasen

Clasen was an interesting project from start to finish. Many clients come to us for custom food packaging that will be sold at retail stores such as GNC or WalMart and is meant to apeal to a wide, general consumer base.

Clasen products, however, are not sold at retail stores. This is because their customer base is more institutional in size. Clasen wanted custom food packaging that would not only protect their specialty edible coatings but also especially emphasize their “world class” status as a manufacturer of premium products across the globe.

With this in mind, they went with an opaque packaging design using a combination of materials that most importantly, protected their product from moisture, air, punctures, and odor transfer. At the same time, their specific packaging design has really allowed their printing to *POP* out to customers! Read more about our chocolate custom food packaginghere.


Just see for yourself…the proof is in the pouch.

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