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Can You Heat Baby Food in a Pouch?

Baby Food PouchesIt depends. There is no universal definitive answer to this question as there are two types of baby food pouches available. The first type is manufactured in such a way that it is fine to heat the packet in a microwave oven. The second type is not made to bear the intense heat rays inside the oven. If you put such packets in the over, the result is not going to be very pleasant.

If you don’t know whether you can heat the pouch inside a microwave, the best practice is to read the information on the packaging or to ask your retailer. There are several ways to heat the baby food in a pouch if it is not suitable to place in a microwave.

If the packet does not say that it is microwave safe, the next best thing is to heat it with water. Pour water in a broad pan. Place it on medium heat for some time until the water is warm. Hold your baby pouch with a pair of tongs (or some other device) and place it gently in the warm water. Keep it in the warm water for a few minutes and the baby food will be warm enough for eating. You will have to make sure the water does not enter the pouch during the heating process. Water can harm the food so it is best to keep the mouth of the packet outside.

A second method to heat up a baby pouch is to get a microwavable bowl. These bowls are very cheap and easily available. They will allow you to heat your baby pouch inside an oven. Empty the contents of the pouch in the bowl and keep it in the microwave. Then you can heat it for 1-2 minutes on the medium temperature setting. That would be enough for the baby.

The use of baby pouches has increased exponentially during the past few years. These little pouches provide a flexible food packaging option for parents and children. Parents like them because of their ease of use, and kids like them because of their bright colors. With these pouches, parents don't have to store bulky jars and pour food into a bowl. They don't have to wash dishes after every baby meal. Baby pouches are portable and convenient to carry. Just one pouch is enough for a one-time serving for your baby. A baby food pouch is essentially a plastic pouch with some add-ons. These pouches contain a variety of foods – organic and GM (genetically modified). You can find many healthy foods in these packages so that you can feed nutritious food to your kids easily.


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