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Can I Package Liquids in a Stand Up Bag Without a Spout?

Yes, you can package liquids in a spout-free stand up bag. Every time someone mentions “pouches” and “liquids” in the same sentence, spouted pouches come to the mind. Most liquid products in the marketplace come in spouted pouch bags. This does not mean it is impossible to use pouches without spouts to package liquids. If you are selling a liquid for single use you can consider moving to spout-free pouches.

Spout-free pouches offer several advantages over traditional spouted pouches if you are selling a single use product.

Advantages of spout-free pouches over spouted flexible pouches:

  • Spout-free pouches are lighter. This makes them easy to carry.
  • These standup pouches are cheaper, since you don’t have to pay for the additional spout.
  • They are also more landfill friendly, because without a spout, the pouch is just like a sheet of paper.

A word of warning here before you order a consignment of spout-free pouches. There are some limitations too.


  • The spout-less pouches are good for only products that the consumer will use in a single go.
  • They are single use pouches.
  • Spout-free pouches are not a great option to package a product in large quantities. There is no spout to securely hold back the unused liquid.

Take a decision after going through the pros and cons. If you are doubtful, you can contact us and we’ll help you out.



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