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Stand Up Pouches - Product Packaging Done Right

Cake Mix Packaging Using Stand Up Pouches

Posted by David Marinac

Is there anything more fun to pull out of the cupboard than cake mix?  The words conjure upcake mix packaging using stand up pouches images of chocolate and vanilla and frosting and candles.   So shouldn't cake mix packaging be fun as well functional? Check out this website that is all about cake mix, cake recipes, the old days of cake mix, etc.  Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Stand up pouches, also called stand up bags or printed stand pouches, are perfect for cake mix packaging.  Most importantly, they protect the powdered mix from light, odor vapor and moisture, ensuring that the ingredients for that special birthday cake are exactly as they should be.  And although no one really likes to think about it, stand up pouches are also great because the multiple layers of laminated film keep the cake mix fresher for longer.

Stand up pouches are puncture resistant and durable, allowing for safe transport and long shelf life of the mix.  Cake mix packaging using stand up bags can be ordered with tear notches for easy opening and zip lock type closure for convenient storage.  No more spillage or boxes being left open.

cake mix packaging using stand up bagsFor marketing purposes, stand up bag cake mix packaging is ideal.  The bags can be custom printed with up to 10 colors or labels can be applied on the wide front and back panels.  Marketers have the opportunity to decorate these bags to look almost as good as any cake the mix makes.

In addition to standing up on the shelf,  hang holes are also available for stand up pouches, allowing for a hanging display.  Either way, the cake mix will almost jump off the shelf and into the cart.

Stand up cake mix packaging.  A solution that's easy as pie.  Want to learn how using stand up bags can help your cake mix packaging?