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Best Foil Pouch Design

Foil PouchesThere is a cut-throat competition out there for branding and marketing. Every brand wants to show that it is better than its rivals. In this situation, when you and your rivals are selling products of same, or slightly different quality, there arises an important question: How will you convince a person to notice your product, examine it, and then pay for it? The answer lies in attractive, functional, and solid packaging. If the art work on your packaging is great, a consumer will be attracted to it. Functionality and an effective barrier will make the consumer buy your product again. Foil pouches are an effective packaging method, and the pouches which fulfill the above conditions – attractiveness, functionality, and strong barrier – are the best foil pouches for your product.

Foil pouches are made from several layers of film. These layers have different functions. The job of the oxide layer is to protect food products from oxidation. Similarly, a layer of polymer between two layers of oxide increases strength of the packaging and makes it impervious to small tears and negative environmental factors. The innermost layer is the substrate one. Together these layers protect food and non-food packaged products from different environmental factors, increase shell life of a product, and make the best foil pouches.

Another design characteristic of good foil pouches is the materials used to manufacture them. Our foil pouches are made from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved films. These films are contaminant-free. This makes them ideal for use in food and beverage packaging.

There is yet a third design characteristic of good foil pouches. It deals with the outer art work. Although the art work adds little to the packaging strength or its invulnerability, it does make a consumer take a second look at your product. At StandUpPouches.net, we use advanced rotogravure printing which produces high end art work – images and text – for a lesser price.

The fourth and final design characteristic of foil pouches is their functionality. A foil pouch which is not consumer friendly cannot help sell its product in the long term. Functionality is added to a foil pouch through the addition of tear notches, spouts, and similar accessories. These additions make a foil pouch more convenient to use and add to sales in the long run.

To sum it up, if you are looking for the best foil pouch design, check these qualities: (a) attractiveness, (b) functionality, and (c) robustness.


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