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Benefits of Barrier Packaging

Barrier packaging is one of the most effective techniques used for manufacturing stand up bags. Barrier bags are mainly used for storing high quality products because they offer strong protection against dust and germs.

Their multi layer system ensures a high level of purity. It also adds to the strength of the package. Each layer adds to the robustness of the pouch. Some more features of barrier packaging are:

  • Barrier bags can be used for any kind of food products – solid or liquid. From chips and cookies to juices and sodas, anything can be stored in them.
  • In some cases, nitrogen is used to fill food pouches so that the process of oxidation can be slowed down. This reduces the cost required for preservation.
  • These bags are not only limited to edibles. Detergents, liquid soaps, and body lotions can also be packed in them. Thus they offer high versatility.
  • Barrier bags offer the most resistance to harmful UV rays of the sun. This helps in maintaining the nutritional value of the product.
  • These bags are also useful for pill packaging.

Using barrier bags ensures that the product reaches the customer safely. With scratch and tear resistant pouches, there will be fewer cases of torn pouches that result in a loss.



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