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Baby Food Packaging Evolves for Eco-Conscious Parents

Nothing is more important to parents than the wellbeing of their child or children.

With millennials growing in both size and influence, a whole new generation of mothers and fathers are making purchasing decisions centered around their new families. There has been an increase of spending on baby food in recent years due to a rise in disposable income and the adoption of more modern lifestyles by this demographic. A new report by Oristep IT Consulting shows parents nowadays are looking for green, innovative, recyclable alternatives to traditional baby food packaging, as it aligns with their desires for more sustainable and nutritious products for their small children.

Packaging suppliers know that baby food is perishable and, therefore, limits the selection of packaging material for these products. Careful attention must be placed on the food packaging of products for infants and toddlers. It is, after all, an essential substance that will always sell well and is required sustenance for little ones.

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Research shows that organic baby food will sell even better in the near future and packaging manufacturers must begin choosing protective, eco friendly packaging to meet consumer demand and best reflect the products inside the pouch.

Flexible barrier bags for baby food are rising in popularity due to the increased acceptance and demand of new forms of retail packaging. This type of protective packaging includes stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, and spouted stand up pouches. Packaging that contains a spout is poised to take off both in both the beverage and baby food industry, as it offers a virtually hands-free option for its consumers. Infants can grab the soft, safe pouch and get their nutrients from a spout that is similar in design to a bottle or sippy cup.

Flexible retail packaging for baby food is a much better option than traditional jars because it guarantees products will stay safe and fresh. These pouches are made up of multiple layers of FDA-approved film that are laminated together, resulting in a strong, puncture-resistant package that keeps the food inside safe from light, air, and harmful vapors. Parents will feel good about giving their children these pliable bags that are much safer and user friendly than bulky, breakable jars and bottles. baby food packaging

Eco-conscious parents are increasingly choosing baby food packaged in stand up pouches and barrier bags because these materials are recyclable and landfill friendly. This type of package produces less waste and is of a lighter weight than glass and plastic jars, cutting down on the amount of fuel required for shipping. By switching away from older forms of packaging, parents can guarantee their baby food will be packaged in nontoxic, food-grade plastic that is both environmentally responsible and safe.

Stand up pouches and other forms of flexible retail packaging are truly the future of baby food containers. Parents will prefer this type of packaging to the old standards because it’s better for the earth and safer for their little ones. As kids grow older, they’ll enjoy their food and drink in spouted stand up pouches that can easily be tossed into a backpack or pocket. Flexible retail packaging is tailored toward a whole new generation of parents, and it fits perfectly into a more modern, earth-friendly lifestyle.

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