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Are Cat Food Pouches Healthy?

Cat Food PouchesYes, cat food pouches are healthy for your pet, provided you are feeding your cat the right amount of food every day, and taking care of it in other ways as well. Too little food, and your cat will grow weak; too much food can make your cat obese and lazy. Also, even though cat food pouches are healthy for your pet, they alone do make complete feline food. They need to be occasionally supplemented by other kinds of foods and drinks. Regular visits to the vet are also advisable to keep your cat in a good shape.

The use of food pouches to feed domestic cats has increased in the past few years. Most of these pouches contain dry cat food, which is the staple food of many pet cats. Dry food is traditionally considered good for the gums and teeth of a cat. The amount of dry food that a cat receives each day depends on multiple factors – the age of the cat, its appetite, and others. Cat food pouches come in different sizes which contain a different amount of dry food for your cat. There are some very small 100 gram pouches, and then there are slightly heavier pouches. Small pouches are healthier for your cat because they are more hygienic. You can open them just before feeding, and throw them away after the meal is over.

Even though a cat occasionally needs wet food, too much wet food jeopardizes the health of your cat, and can shoot your cat food budget through the roof. Wet food usually comes in tin cans, which are more expensive than pouches. There is another advantage of pouches which makes them a healthier and safer option than cans. An improperly opened can may hurt the mouth of your cat. In comparison, carefully designed cat food pouch poses no such danger to your pet.

Also, cat food has to be consumed within 48 hours of opening the package, although there are some exceptions to this two-day rule. The food goes stale and inedible, if it is not used in that period. There is no such problem with pouches. Standup pouches contain only small amount of cat food, so there is no wastage.

Cat food pouches are healthier for a cat for another reason too. StandUpPouches.net makes cat food pouches from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved films. These are food grade films with no risk of contamination.


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