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9 Types of Packaging You Can Upgrade to Stand Up Pouches

stand up pouches

Rigid boxes, bottles, boxes, and cans have been around for a long time. But they’re more costly and less effective than modern flexible packaging options like stand up pouches. Here are at least nine product packaging types that can stand to benefit from an innovative switch to stand up pouches:

1. Aluminum Beer/Soda Cans

Aluminum cans are beset with supply chain problems right now. Not only do materials costs keep going up, but can orders are actually sold out in the U.S. for 2-3 years. The beer-soda pouch, meanwhile, is having a real moment. 

Advancements in breathable film technology have made spouted pouches into an ideal vessel for carbonated beverages — and a splashy option that sets you apart from the competition! On top of all of it, they’re available now and save on costs.

2. Laundry Detergent Jugs

Laundry detergent has found a real niche overseas with large format spouted stand up pouches. This innovative packaging style uses 95% less plastic, ships flat, stores flat, and disposes flat, when compared to traditional bulky plastic jugs.

3. Coffee Cans

The coffee can is old news, and it can’t keep your product fresh with all of that air it cycles and traps every time you open it. A stand up pouch adjusts its shape to fit the quantity of coffee you’ve got left, keeping beans or grounds fresher for longer and earning the appreciation of your customers. They also take up less space!

4. Cardboard Boxes

Cereal, baking powders, crackers, raisins, and other commonly boxed goods go stale quickly in cardboard containers that can’t create an air-tight seal. A stand up pouch with a zipper closure (or EasyLock…we love that stuff) does the job much better. Enjoy the stay-fresh seal of a secure plastic pouch that preserves the freshness of the contents perfectly while resisting punctures and moisture damage from the external environment.

5. Wine Bottles (or Bag-in-a-Box Wine)

Alcohol products have contributed to huge growth in the stand up pouches market. With beer-tap-style spigot pouches, you can easily dispense wine in a durable flexible package that shrinks as the wine is used, minimizing air exposure and saving space. Best of all, empty pouches are flat and save enormously on cost of shipping vs. heavy, bulky glass bottles or even collapsed cardboard containers.

6. Plastic Cookie Trays

Why bother with those sleeved-up, rigid cookie trays when a ships-flat, stores-flat stand-up pouch gets the job done so much better! A pouch seals tight after every serving, keeping cookies fresh and disposing easily when finished.

7. Cement Mix Buckets

Not many people realize how heavy-duty a stand up pouch can be. A five-gallon cement bucket takes up an enormous amount of space on pallets getting shipped to your factory. A robust 5 gallon spout pouch can arrive on a pallet by the hundreds (or thousands) for filling. With large spouts and strong handles, these pouches can do the job better, for less money and while taking up less space.

8. Pickle Jars

Yes, fermented products also do great in stand up pouches! Puncture-resistant plastics can easily store liquids like pickle juice along with a large supply of pickled or fermented goods.

9. Soup Cans

Soup cans have always been frustrating because you can’t microwave them. Use a microwavable retort pouch and you can heat the soup right in the package then open it up to eat or pour as you please!

The nine ideas listed here are just a few of your options with stand up pouches, which are taking the states by storm after years of growth and popularity in overseas markets. America is finally waking up to the savings and convenience of flexible pouch packaging. Get in touch with ABC Packaging Direct — Stand Up Pouches today to learn more or get a fast quote.



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