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5 Underrated Advantages of Liquid Spout Bags

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Liquid spout bags are a variety of flexible stand up pouches that have been optimized for beverages, detergents, oils, syrups, and other liquid products. The market is waking up to this creative format for a plethora reasons, including the five underrated advantages listed here:

1. Crazy Savings on Packaging Costs

There are numerous reasons liquid spout bags save you money versus traditional packaging solutions such as bottles, jars, and cans.  First, they use far fewer resources to manufacture, creating raw material savings. Second, they’re much cheaper to ship to the factory because they’re lightweight and can be packaged flat in their unfilled state. Third, they save storage space, since unfilled spout bags store flat and even filled ones conform and take up less space than rigid packaging.

2. Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Both the government and the private sector are hunting for solutions that will reduce resource usage and create a more sustainable economy with less impactful waste products. Liquid spout bags are great for the environment. They dispose flat, which makes a huge difference in landfills. They’re also an R7 recyclable plastic, and can be ground up and repurposed after they’ve finished their job. It also takes less plastic (up to 75% less) to produce a liquid spout bag than a bottle, jug, or jar for an equivalent quantity of liquid, reducing the raw materials required. Finally, spouted pouches are durable and easily refillable for continued use.  

3. A Variety of Spout Designs

Each liquid spout bag has the freedom to incorporate a specialized spout onto the standard bag size to suit the precise needs of the contents. For example, spouted squeeze bags for baby foods and kid-oriented fruit puree snacks can use a wider, easy-to-grip, child-friendly spout cap. Alternatively, you could use a spigot-style spout (such as for dispensing beer or wine), or a sports cap for liquid spout bags that are holding sports beverages.

4. Creative and Colorful Full-Package Printing

Unlike a rigid container, which often will rely on the application of a separate label over a limited portion of the exterior surface area, a liquid spout bag can be easily digitally printed from edge to edge, over 100% of its surface. This is because it’s perfectly flat in it’s prefilled state. Make your brand really pop with easily readable information and marketing messages or use that expanded real estate on vivid visual advertising (printed in up to 12 colors). This gives your product a far superior retail presence than is possible on a rigid bottle or can — while also being cheaper to print!

5. They’re All the Rage

Modern living is all about convenience, and consumers have a simultaneous hunger for eco-friendly everything. Liquid spout bags satisfy these current trends with a creative and unique package that will stand out on the shelf, empower your brand with eco-friendly talking points, and make life easier with every purchase.

Distributors and packaging resellers are discovering these advantages every day and saving their clients’ bottom lines with an innovative spouted flexible packaging solution. Get in touch with ABC Packaging Direct to learn more, or check out a few of our stock spouted pouch designs here.



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