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Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Stand Up Bags

Posted by David Marinac

modified atmosphere packagingAlthough not a term familiar to most consumers, modified atmosphere packaging is a fairly well-established packaging form, a method by which the internal atmosphere is altered to prolong the shelf life of a product. By lowering the amount of oxygen in a package, the growth of aerobic organisms as well as the speed of oxidation are slowed down. Replacing the oxygen with nitrogen can will inhibit the growth of bacteria. A stand up pouch is an example of packaging that can be constructed to modify the atmosphere of the contents.

Stand up pouches are built by laminating together multiple layers of scientifically-formulated (and, if necessary, food grade) film to create a barrier bag that protects contents from vapor, odor, moisture, light, pests and, most relevant to this discussion, air. Why? Because if the bag membrane is permeable to oxygen, then modifying the atmosphere of the package is pointless.

The reason stand up pouches are such an effective form of modified atmosphere packaging is because they are strong, the barrier composition is stable and the bag itself is puncture-resistant. What this means to you is that your product will possess a longer "best by" date than if the atmosphere wasn't modified.

Of course, prolonged shelf life isn't the only benefit of using stand up pouches to meet your packaging needs. Each pouch stands up so it stores conveniently in the garage, hall closet, RV, kitchen, bathroom or refrigerator/freezer. Because it's lightweight and flexible, stand up pouch modified atmosphere packaging that contains snacks or drinks is also portable.  The video below will explain our proprietary Tactile Packaging System.

Stand up pouch modified atmosphere packaging is distinctive as well. Not only does it stand up and, therefore, stand apart from the competition, round and sombrero-shaped hang holes provide grocers and other retailers a second product display option. The wide front and back panels of these pouches provide you some display options as well as you can: 1) Affix your own labels; 2) Special order printing customized to your needs (in up to 10 colors); 3) Order clear film for the bag barrier; or 4) Use any combination of these choices.


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