How Cereal Packaging Stands Out

Cereal PackagingWhen it comes to cereal and granola packaging, you want to go with a company you can trust. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are so many companies out there that want to make a quick buck without providing a quality product. We want to assure you that our stand up bags for cereal and granola are made with the finest materials and top notch care. Unlike our competitors, however, we don't expect you to just take our word for it. We encourage you to request a free sample of stand up pouches so that we can prove to you that both our cereal packaging and granola packaging are what you're looking for to strengthen your own business.

Granola Packaging That Protects

twofold_granolaWe understand the need for granola packaging bags that actually protect the granola. Why should you have to pay for cereal packaging that doesn't do its job? Really, you shouldn't. This is why our bags feature multiple layers of barrier film laminated together to protect your cereal and granola from puncture holes, light, odor, and moisture, which could all harm the product, as well as your reputation. Our stand up pouches for granola use layer after layer because we know that one is simply not enough up against the wear and tear of shipping and store shelves.



Not only do we offer the finest in protection for your product, but our stand up bags for cerealhelp attract the attention of shoppers (potential customers). This kind of cereal packaging really does stand up, and that makes a difference. If you have one brand in granola packaging that keeps it sturdy and erect and then the brand next to it is lying flat, which do you think the customer will choose? The bag that is lying flat is not displayed prominently enough, and many people won't even notice it because of this. With all the time and effort you've put into make a great product, you don't want shoppers to pass it by without a second glance.  

In addition to the sturdiness of our stand up bags for cereal, we allow you to order custom-printed bags jessicas_granolathrough us. You can submit your own design to be placed on our pouches. Once your design is approved as having met our Artwork Guidelines, you'll receive your order within 4-6 weeks. You can order as few as 5000 custom pouches at a time too (although we have a feeling you'll be back for more). If you'd rather go with a plain or stock pouch, browse the Stand Up Pouches store, where you can choose the bag size and color to set your pouches out from the rest! Don't forget to check out our bonus free eBook about granola packaging for more information.

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